Ashley LaRue

Ashley LaRue

Lovin' life in Austin with my hubby :-)
Ashley LaRue
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Piri piri chicken--My favorite part of our trip to Portugal is that it was almost accidental. Like we have done almost every summer, in the spring we began looking for a house to rent on one fork or another of Long I…

vegetarian red beans and rice

This easy and healthy Vegetarian Red Beans Rice recipe is loaded with vegetables that cook down with the beans so they end up melt-in-your-mouth tender and packed with flavor.

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Slow cooker, 2 day recipe -- slow cook, refrig, warm up. So this year? It’s been fulla brisket. It started at New Years, with the Southwestern Pulled Brisket that made me a brisket person. And also a slow-cooker person. But mostly a brisket in the …