If you're in a more casual industry, try a sweater with a peep of a collared shirt underneath.

"Today's fit - muted Monday Dragging myself back to it today and on top off that, gloomy weather. Of course, went for a lightweight v-neck, it's the…"

If you want to wear a lighter, more summery jacket for your headshot, pair it with a matching light shirt.

Hello loves :) Great news stitch fix has added Men's fashion! Sign your men up now! These are inspiration photos for stitch fix. Note not all the clothing I post are stitch fix brands.

A pinstripe suit looks great with a tie that has bolder, wider stripes.

Here Come Da Judge, Here Come Da Judge…

Brad Trent Photography - image of William B. Chandler, former judge and current law firm partner

Mixing colors can be fun!

Anda Panciuk is a Montreal photographer. She is available for commercial/editorial work, headshots and special projects.

If you don't want to wear a blazer with your collared shirt, your shirt MUST be fitted (so it doesn't billow out away from your sides) and medium-tone colors work best (not white or lighter colors), with the sleeves rolled up.

Top 8 Casual Shirts for Men

Monochromatic is alwesome! Lol this is almost exaclt my express look. I bet I could do it with my white jeans

Classic look

Former model and now talent coach Charleston Pierce looks very approachable in his professional headshot. - Learn how I made it to in one months with e-commerce!