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boobs glorious boobs

a board to celebrate the beauty of women.

FYI, comic art nerds: How to draw boobs.

Olga Stepanian

The halter dilemma - look fabulous, but need a chiropractor.

Busty girl problems

  • Meaghan Allen-Harris

    That happened to me on my 17th birthday. It was one of life's defining moments, LOL!

  • stella j

    Oh god! I bet your guests have never forgotten! I've never done that but have had one or two close calls when I've been cooking. Asbestos bras, that's what's needed. :P

Sleeping on my back is also a problem.

50s boobs are scary!

They’re loving unemployment… lol

Sophia Loren in the 1960s: "Everything you see I owe to spaghetti."

  • stella j

    I know! Btw, I'm waiting for your pressie to be delivered, I think you'll like it! I should be able to get it out this week I think. :)

June Palmer - Beau, June 1966

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Morticia on her wedding night?