nice blue shirt and brown blazer . .

Tan blazer over a light blue shirt. A navy tie with a gold tie bar. white pocket square w/blue dots. watch and a brown leather belt

Mix textures and patterns in a monochromatic palette . .

Mixing… A lot of fabric/pattern mixing going on here, but it looks great! The many shades of gray a long with the rough texture of the jacket, herringbone waistcoat and tie, gingham shirt and the.

Merino Cardigan Sweater . .

Pair a grey wool blazer with a nude cardigan for a seriously stylish look. — Beige Beanie — Black Tie — Beige Cardigan — Dark Brown Pocket Square — White and Blue Vertical Striped Dress Shirt — Grey Wool Blazer

Masten Gregory at Sebring, 1960, rocking the double goggles look impeccably . .

Masten Gregory at Sebring, rocking the double goggles look impeccably .

slip watch . .

Slip Watch by Evan Clabots


Deal: Get 50% Off Rivieras' Slip-On Leisure Shoes

Rivieras 2012 Summer "Classic" Collection: For Summer Rivieras has stocked a select few colorways for its staple, "Classic" collection.

contrasting brown brogues and stripy socks . .

I am a woman but I always wear my dress shoes with striped socks from J Crew or Club Monaco. There's just something about those striped socks that completes the look!

contrasting waistcoat . .

navy blue jacket, brown vest, blue dress hirt and stripped tie. Simple, elegant and stylish