Lent & Pascha

Lent & Pascha

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A great post on traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs, or Pysanky. Activities for both preschool and elementary classrooms, as well as including a complimentary printable for you to enjoy!

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Living Our Faith: “It’s Too Hard For My Kids” - Thoughts & ideas for involving our children in Great Lent

Living Our Faith: "It's Too Hard For My Kids"


Illumination Learning: Journeying Through Great Lent to Pascha as a Family

Journeying Through Great Lent to Pascha as a Family


40 days of prayer durning Lent. As a family, we decided on 40 people to specifically pray for. When the day is done, one child will cross off the day as a visual "count-down".

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Psalter Group Sign-ups for Great Lent 2014 I started joining this group last Pascha. Loved it.

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Creating Family Goals During Great Lent - worksheet and examples

Family Goals for Great Lent


Forgiveness Sunday

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Pysanka, Real Ukrainian Easter Egg, Hen Shell, Etched Design, Bird Family

Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More


Cranes and Fans Chiyogami WIP Batik Gilded Easter Egg First Waxing

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ukrainian eggs | Ukrainian Easter Eggs hand painted by a Ukrainian Artist Anna Perun of ...

Real Traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg - Hand Illustrated Poppy Pysanka - Goose Egg - Help Rescue Animals - S.A.F.E


Eggs dyed with natural ingredients

Natural Dyed Easter Eggs - Just Short of Crazy


Flash Mob In Beirut Mall Sing "Christ Is Risen!"

MYSTAGOGY: Flash Mob In Beirut Mall Sing "Christ Is Risen!"


Christ is Risen Free Chalkboard Printable

Christ is Risen! Paschal Printable - Sweet C's Designs


Christ is Risen! Printable Pascha/Easter cards about red eggs and what they mean

Many Mercies: Christ is Risen!


Fields of Basil

Fields of Basil


Fields of Basil

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Why I Like Being Orthodox Christian


How To Get Wax Out of clothes

How To Remove Wax From Clothes


Rechenkas Eggs (Paperstar): Patricia Polacco: 9780698113855: Amazon.com: Books

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History and Symbolism of Easter Eggs

Cracking the Symbolism of Easter Eggs


Now there's an idea: Using a golf ball display case to show off chicken egg pysanky.

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Traditional Pascha basket

What We're Cooking Now: All About Pascha Baskets


Palm Sunday is known as Willow Sunday in Russia. Willow goes into blossom fairly early in northern latitudes. As Jesus arrived in Jerusalem, the celebrating people lay down palm branches in front of him. In old time, tsars were welcomed in this way with willows.The Sunday of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, became known as Palm Sunday. In Russia, where the climate is unfavorable for palm, palm branches were substituted with willow boughs.

Orthodox believers celebrate Palm Sunday / OrthoChristian.Com


"The Holy Fire is the most renowned miracle in the world of Eastern Orthodoxy. It has taken place at the same time, in the same manner, in the same place every single year for centuries. No other miracle is known to occur so regularly and so steadily over time. It happens in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the holiest place on earth, where Christ was crucified, entombed, and where He finally rose from the dead." ~ www.Holyfire.org/...

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Pascha Baskets

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