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Unusual Shade Plants

*Note: Ignore the line saying "Uploaded by Osprey Antiques." The links are still there! Click on the pic and then on Website.* Intro: My back garden has gotten increasingly shady: it now gets 2 hours sun per day, 2-3 hours high shade, and deep shade the rest. So I've been experimenting with plants that bloom well in these conditions. Many sun-loving plants will grow fine in shade, though they may bloom less profusely. I'm in MD, zone 7a. --- Lucy
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Anemonella thalictroides 'Shoaf's Double Pink' --- Lovely double version of the native wildflower Rue anemone. Blooms for 6 weeks in spring, in a dainty 6" by 6" clump with 1" flowers. Likes well-drained woodland conditions. z. 4-8


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Clematis paniculata Sweet Summer Love --- Gorgeous new variety of sweet autumn clematis blooms Aug.-Sept. with hundreds of small cranberry -violet flowers. For average, moist but well-drained soil in sun to 3/4 shade. Grows 8-12 ft. z 4-9


Clematis Sweet Summer Love -- Bluestone Perennials

Campanula portenschlagiana --- One of the most shade tolerant campanulas. Will bloom much of the summer in cooler zones; here in z. 7, it quits about July 1. Likes well -drained average soil. Unfussy & low -care. Great for miscellaneous areas along the sidewalk or around the tool shed; will spread. 6-8" high by 10-14" wide. z. 4-9


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Astilbe Ostrich Plume --- One of my favorite astilbes, now in bloom. Tall, gracefully arching plumes (36"). Color is hard to photograph: coral rose with hints of lavender. Likes a rich, moist, acid soil in part to full shade. Dramatic in groups; plumes handsome in winter. z. 3-8


Astilbe thunbergii 'Ostrich Plume' - De Groot, Inc.

Astilbe Amber Moon --- Golden chartreuse leaves with rose-pink flowers in midsummer. Foliage is about 30" tall by 18" wide, with 12" blooms. Heat & drought tolerant (for an astilbe). z. 4-9


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a plant i'd order: stylophorum diphyllum

Celandine poppy or golden wood poppy is one of the easiest wildflowers to grow. Native to eastern moist woodlands & hillsides, it has large yellow blooms in April & May. 12-16" tall by 12" wide in humusy soil in part to full shade. May seed about a bit unless deadheaded. Lovely with Virginia bluebells. z. 4-8


a plant i'd order: stylophorum diphyllum - A Way To Garden

Siberian iris, hosta, Western shield fern, brunnera, and darmera peltata ---- a great composition of greens


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Helleborus Wedding Ruffles --- Lovely white hellebore with profuse blooms. As flowers age, they turn pale green. Part to full shade, good drainage. Double hellebores take longer to establish, about 3 years. z. 4-8


Helleborus x 'Wedding Ruffles' - Avant Gardens Nursery & Design

Darmera peltata --- Umbrella plant is a bold accent, growing 3-5ft. tall by wide. Leaves are 8-18" wide. Native to the NW, it prefers moist to wet conditions & will tolerate heavy soil. Pink blooms in April; leaves turn gold to red in fall. Striking with ferns & hostas. Part to full shade, z. 5-8.


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Osprey Antiques

Puschkinia scillioides --- Puschkinia or striped squill is a tolerant, easy bulb that likes well-drained soil. Light blue flowers with dark stripes do well under deciduous trees or in open woodlands. Height of 8" looks nice over low growers like crocuses or pansies. z. 3-9


Puschkinia scilliodes var libanotica - Puschkinia - Best of the Rest - Fall 2014 Flower Bulbs