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Suddenly, I have the desire to arrange our bookshelves by color. art by Colin Thompson. my all time fav illustrator.

book sculptures

Su Blackwell is an artist and working predominantly within the realm of paper.Check out 10 Most Creative Book Sculptures By Su Blackwell

book art.

Awesome books are awesome

Altered Book Art by Brian Dettmer. The book lover in me is horrified at altering these books but the art is amazing!

Face book

Maybe this was supposed to be some deep philosophical picture but i thought it was hilarious - Face book. *see, I just thought of the screaming book in the Restricted Section. <- yeah, I thought of the screaming book too!

Rapunzel book sculpture.

Book Sculpture - Rapunzel and Her Prince

Isaac Salazar

Artesia, NM artist Isaac Salazar

To know more about Isaac Salazar The Book Origami , visit Sumally, a social network that gathers together all the wanted things in the world! Featuring over 2 other Isaac Salazar items too!

First Edition of the Nuremberg Chronicle, the Greatest Illustrated Book of the Fifteenth Century (1493)

First Edition of the Nuremberg Chronicle, the Greatest Illustrated Book of the Fifteenth Century [Hartmann - Available at 2012 October Rare Books.

book art

Funny pictures about Book's tree. Oh, and cool pics about Book's tree. Also, Book's tree photos.

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Book diorama - this is amazing! Would be neat to match the diorama to the story inside the book.

lines and colors :: a blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts » Su Blackwell

UK artist and art director Su Blackwell - beautiful cut-book sculptures.

Kelly Campbell, Mayberry’s Insects, art, sculpture, paper craft, book art, book sculpture = Awesomness

Insect Art, Paper Craft, Book Art (Mayberry’s Insects. Book sculpture by Kelly Campbell)

Peter Pan

readandrungirl: “ PETER PAN Book Sculpture discovered at J M Barrie’s Birthplace in Kirriemuir, Scotland ‘Book Week Scotland’ treasure hunt, Nov 2012 photos © Chris Scott (photographer) & Scottish.

Book sculptures. This is too cool.

Artist Guy Laramee has produced some quite exquisite work in the form of carved book landscapes, and the dense pages of old books are excavated to reveal serene and beautiful mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures. Via Guy Laramee.

Gripping Book Art: 31 Sculptures Worth Reading About | WebUrbanist

Su Blackwell is an artist who explores sculpture and the narrative of fairy tale through book cut art. The pieces are beautiful and transform the book into a captivating 'set design'.

Paper book art:

Paper book art , Maybe some sort of paper cutting.we could have them bring in old books (or we find some) and do some sort of paper sculpture. ( i realize a LOT of my posts are with paper so far. Just throwing ideas at you ;

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee    Canadian artist Guy Laramee has recently published a new series of his amazing book landscapes which are made by carving old books, dictionaries and encyclopedias. He calls his new project “Guan Yin” and dedicates it “to the mysterious forces thanks to which we can traverse ordeals”.

Artist Guy Laramee‘s new book sculptures are as usual creative and full of meticulous carving. Guy is known for his marvelous carving in book arts. The books