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I bet you're thinking I sell leather! Or that I have something with cattle lurking in the background. You'd be half right...once upon a long time ago :) Now I focus more on in-house western style projects like our western bootjacks and western prairie sunbonnets along with a multitude of misc. things I'm forever interested in. Stop by...have a question? Feel free to ask! I'm a Wyoming-ite. We're pretty friendly :)
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Ladies' WhiteBrimmed Crochet Slouch Hat by ABitofEverything4U, $12.95

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We did several personalized (monogramming) bootjacks this year for Christmas using our western style branding irons. Loved how this one turned out

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These earrings have been very popular on our site. The craftsman ship that goes into these earrings is unbelievable. Each earring is carved from bone, scored with delicate tools and then hand painted. the findings are sterling silver.There is a wonderful variety bird feathers that they work with and one of the things I love the most is that they stand by their work! This set is the Broad Tailed Hummingbird.

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This is the newest bootjack we are offereing on rawhidestudios.com and while we think of this one as our favorite, it sure is a lot of work to cut out ;) But the elk design is probably our favorite...even over the deer design.

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I still have many buckles available from my brick and mortar store. These are being sold at my price; wholesale. Contact me for their prices and for what I have available. Info@rawhidestudios.com

Though I don't have these for sale on my website (and all of these hats have actually been sold), any one of these can be made to order...any time. :)

Period Correct Blue Turqoise Women's Prairie Sunbonnets www.rawhidestudios.com/bonnets

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