Anastasia Evstigneeva

Anastasia Evstigneeva

Rysownik, otaku-navi, lubiący pograć w gry >_<
Anastasia Evstigneeva
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Draw wolf furries for beginners together with deviantart how to draw canine heads together with anime wolf puppy furthermore how to draw anthro dragon also how to draw wolf head drawings.

Kara||younger pup|| parents: deceased|| Happy-go-lucky, energetic, adventurous, brave, does surprisingly well despite the fact her parents are dead|| Power:???

Sandy female gnaw wolf got her name for her sand colored coat malcadh because she can't smell

11.2 mil curtidas, 200 comentários - Dulce Bellum Inexpertis (@misshollyblue) no Instagram: “❤️ {-Tashiecakes} #stevenuniverse”

Summer double date! Summer double date! 👯👯 Saw some crackship art of them a while back and I was like AYYY 🙌😍 Too cute! All four of them are gorgeous souls that would definitely get along if the off-colours manage to escape to Earth 💕

Say, if Balto was such an enormously celebrated hero by the end of the original movie, even despite his wolvish blood, then why was his daughter Aleu re.