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this is why the fandom loves him 'in fear of my own safety' omfg i cant


It was revealed by Kagami Takaya I'm not really shoked because he doesn't look like a Japanese .but neither does Yu,Shinoa,Guren (.) - : Mikaela or Yūichirō? : Mika - Character : Mikaela Hyakuya Anime : Owari no Seraph - [

Anime facts black hair

Discussing random anime facts with my students could be a good way to get them interested in the topic. If students are unfamiliar with anime, as I was prior to Erased, I think it would be of value to educate them on the culture.

Anime facts my little monsters

Damit why not :'( .I what is wough with me, always drooling over white haired anime boys

anime facts haikyuu!!

Okay captain obvious. It's a volleyball anime for a reason. Either you're a volleyball player or a coach/manager.

Anime facts Soul eater

Anime facts Soul eater that is so freaking cool o know that

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Welp, Nagisa was actually mistaken as a girl on their school trip in the casino, so it was actually carried on. Honey-Senpai already looks like a boy Lolita.

One Piece

One Piece. that may be but it hurts him because he loves her. In theory. But idk, Luffy is all about adventure and Nami is all about money and map the whole vast seas