Torn rotator cuff symptoms include pain, weakness and crepitus

Torn Rotator Cuff Symptoms & Treatment

How To Become An Occupational Therapist

How To Become An Occupational Therapist

Therapy for Incontinence: Awareness is Key. An occupational therapist talks about patient education, training and treatment. More than 13 million US citizens have incontinence - it doesn't have to be an embarrassing topic. Think about how OTs can bring awareness to this widespread issue. #OTmonth #occupationaltherapy

Therapy for Incontinence-Awareness is Key - RehabVisions


These Mesmerizing Illustrations Will Help You Get the Best Stretch

Occupational therapy focuses on a variety of physical and functional impairments. One main components of OT intervention is upper-body strengthening. In conjunction with traditional weighted exercises, occupational therapists also use therapeutic activities to improve your muscles strength and endurance. These activities can also target additional...

Activities to Improve Upper Body Strength in Occupational Therapy for Adults | LIVESTRONG.COM


Occupational Therapy vs. Physical Therapy—What’s the difference?

Walker tray made with wood scrap, held in place by broom clamps on underside. Outreach Therapy Consultants

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Awesome Goniometry Site with Pictures

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OT Seeker is a great resource of evidence based practice in OT

Welcome to OTseeker

How to get up from a fall -- print out w/ pictures

How to Get Up From a Fall - StrokeSmart

16 Occupational Therapy Quotes- ranging from quotes about play to quotes about the value of daily activities.

Occupational Therapy Quotes

Techniques to reduce spasticity: -getting the arm out of the high tone pattern -applying a paddle

Taping to inhibit tone


Quick Idea List of Adult Therapy Tasks

StairSteady inventor created the stability bar to aid stair-climbing/descending for individuals with limited mobility when she was only 16 yrs. old! Can be configurated in various ways.

StairSteady Helps People Walk Up Stairs «Craziest Gadgets

Splints for common diagnoses

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Picture of FROOMSPLINT WHEELCHAIR ARMREST The Froomsplint Wheelchair Armrest is an arm positioner designed for use by individuals with neurological, severe physical, or upper extremity disabilities who use wheelchairs. This unit is used to keep the user's hand and arm in place while in the wheelchair. The arm support attaches to the existing wheelchair armrest with Velcro straps. COLOR: Blue or white.

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This could be such a good intervention for cleaning to use with older adults in preparation of home management

Rockabye Butterfly: Tray Work

Stroke Rehabilitation: A Functional Activity Based Approach K Hariohm (Author), R Vasanthan (Author)

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PTs control pain and swelling through massage, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. They increase strength and range of motion with exercise, agility and endurance-building activities. Proprioception training teaches position control of the injured joint. OTs help patients with shoulder pain achieve scapular control, appropriate movement patterns, and sufficient levels of strength and stamina for activities of daily life.

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Lighting the Way: A Key to Independence Booklet. This publication answers common questions about vision and lighting posed by older adults, and offers practical solutions to help them, their families, and their caregivers to light their home for easier and more comfortable seeing. Posted on the OT Blog website.

OT Toolkit Blog -

Sorting activity - dementia functional task

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BrainGame. excellent activity to address short term recall with adults.

Brain Game on a Tray

Adults with ADHD, you are not lazy, stupid or crazy. I promise. Nope, you just make decisions differently than most people. Knowing how you make decisions is key to making it all easier.

Adult ADHD: Am I Just Lazy? Um, no.

The 'Minimal Muscle' Home: A room-by-room analysis of recommendations for function and freedom.

The 'Minimal Muscle' Home