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Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges. Possibly the most amazing book I've ever read in my life.

A very long and thorough analysis of the meaning and growth of ancient myths. The inspiration behind Joseph Campbell's "The Hero with A Thousand Faces". The syncretic elements of Judaism and Christianity (from Paganism) are interesting to say the least...

Apocryphal writings. Personally I think The Gospel of Thomas is better than anything in the Bible. Yeah I went there.

Another of my all time favorite books. The story related from the "medicine man" Black Elk about his "Great Vision" and the then recent and turbulent history of the Lakota Sioux (and other tribes) touching on Little Bighorn and Wounded Knee.

I don't think I can easily describe this book, you simply need to read it. No use dipping a foot in, just dive right in head first.

An easy to read, great introduction to feminism: the radical idea that women are people. Even for those not interested in feminism/gender equality, I cannot recommend this book enough simply for the luminous clarity of Bell Hooks' writing.

A surprisingly good collection put together by Roald Dahl of classic ghost stories. My favorite(s) by A.M. Burrage. Definitely not for young children!

Explores the validity of using the hologram as a model for our universe, using the hologram as a model for how our mind process & store information, and the implications of both together.