Frederick, MD / OT expertise in Sensory Integration; partnering with other agencies & disciplines to offer advanced skills specialized assessments & consultations for all ages
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stair lift install

From your first call about stair lift pricing, installation, and warrantied product maintenance, 101 Mobility is with you every step of the way. Call us today to schedule your free in home evaluation!

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts | Inclined Wheelchair Lifts | illustrations by Silver Cross

Wheelchair lifts feature motorized platforms to carry a person in a wheelchair over a barrier such as steps.

Manual Patient Lifts

Manual Patient Lifts

Screen "time-out": 3 Strategies for helping parents, take back their kids! via www.otc-frederick.com

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"Easy-er" Parenting; pause, notice, breathe.

A housewife is stressed and tried trying to clean the house while wild children are running around making a mess for a discipline or parenting concept.

Ovis Has Trouble with School - new book about a young sheep who struggles with puzzling behaviors and is misunderstood by his teacher and peers.  Ovis has sensory processing disorder.

“Ovis Has Trouble with School” (Blue Mustang Press, - - Explaining baaaad behaviour due to sensory differences

Self-compassion & Screen-time; what do they have in common?  My words for the year.

To recover from failure, try some self-compassion: If a good friend tells you about an ordeal they’re facing or a mistake they’ve made, how…

The Link Between Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety

Do you know there is a link between Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety? It is not a coincidence that kids with SPD often have anxiety.