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Yes, It Should Feel Good - Transformation3

How good do you feel about what you’re doing while you’re here on the planet? Not “how hard is it”? Or “is it smooth sailing”? Or “do you love every single thing about it”? Does the inside you have a good feeling about how the outside you is spending your time together?...

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Finding Inspiration - Transformation3

Do you ever feel that your source of inspiration is totally tapped out? Are you having a stretch of time where it’s enough to just get out of bed and do what needs to be done, without worrying about inspiration? Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day to finish everything that’s...

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Making Space for Change - Transformation3

What’s your relationship with change? Is it the bugaboo you reluctantly accept as inevitable? Do you kick and scream, putting up resistance with revolutionary fervor? Are you so happy to see it coming down the pike that you run to meet it? Probably depends a whole lot on your current circumstances and...

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Values or Hobbies? - Transformation3

“If you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values: they’re hobbies.” — Jon Stewart Out of the mouths of babes and comedians . . . . We’ve all made choices in our lives that don’t conform to our values. Take a sobering moment to look back at...

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Resolve to raise your sails in the new year

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Seeing the Impossible - Transformation3

One of my favourite stories from developmental psych — WAIT, Don’t Go! There are kittens . . . with a happy ending . . . and it’s a short story . . . . As I was saying, one of my favourite stories involved an experiment that deprived kittens of a full...