Genius laundry room idea--install pull-out drying racks that have a drawer front. Space saver, cleaner look, super functional design.

Always have your emergency medical info with you.

With the CARE Medical History Bracelet, your complete personal health history will always be within arm& reach. In the form of a USB flash drive compatible with any computer, the wristband makes essential medical information readily available to med

12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

12 Essential Social Media Cheat sheets give you a rundown of various features for a given item. Here are some of the best social media cheat sheets .

How Search Works - by Google

Short intro to Search Engine Optimization and how it works by Matt Cutts: hand drawn motion graphics are friendly and take the intimidating tech out of the explanation.

ego Hybrid Series USB Case

iClarified - Apple News :Ego USB Case for iPhone Holds a Memory Stick By the Ego and Company: Website not found

From its inception to widespread adoption, follow the timeline of HTML5, the new standard for web development.

The History of HTML5

The State of Game Reviews

My favorite FF- FFVIII. It only ranks so low because I genuinely despise Rinoa, and then the game just rubs it in my face by making me save that annoying, selfish, naive harpy over and over again.

Twitter Tools to help you manage your Followers

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