Occupational Therapy with Older Adults

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Occupational Therapy with Older Adults

Occupational Therapy with Older Adults

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Electrical Wiring: Occupation-based kit created by U of U OT students

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Handled pet bowls for elderly or handicap pet owners. Never struggle to refill the food or water bowl again. Available at #HealthyPet in Austin, TX.

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Bilateral Integration Box...all bought at the dollar store

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Remote simplification for people who need it! Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources pinterest.com/....

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Slingshot therapy!!! PT. OT

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Good sorting activity, and also for item retrieval and transport, and IADL mobility

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Bilateral Activities for the Nonfunctional Hand Therapists should use each and every opportunity to incorporate the hemiparetic hand into daily functional tasks—even when the hand is non-functional. icelearningcenter...

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Stroke Help. Upper Extremity Weight Bearing During Bedside ADLs. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources pinterest.com/....

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Balance Exercises for Seniors and the Elderly. Great patient reference with descriptions and videos.

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Best practice idea from Occupational Therapy - plastic ties used to attach a regular coffee cup to the walker as a cup holder.



Locks for fine motor- Adult occupational therapy

Model door for assessing accessibility |


EasyRoll Stocking Donner/ would make compression socks a whole lot easier

EasyRoll Stocking Donner


Looks like the some of the clock draws I frequently see! Maybe I should look at them from a new perspective...could start a whole new industry!

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Key Turner for an easier experience when opening a door, OT Modification

Key Turner : Home Gadgets


- Balancing Marbles = good activity to promotor fine motor skills development - pinch/eyehand coordination/controlled release - from 30 Kids Activities & Materials for Promoting Fine Motor Skills but can definitely see using this for any age!

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Do-It-Yourself Designs for Daily Living: How older Americans are reimagining household objects from soap to straws to make their lives easier

Do-It-Yourself Designs for Daily Living


Stroke Help. When There is Tightness Around the Scapula. Pinned by SOS Inc. Resources pinterest.com/....

When There is Tightness Around the Scapula | ICE Learning Center


OT tools for les than $1!!

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Upper Extremity: E-STIM for shoulder subluxation, scapula stabilization, elbow flexion/extension, and wrist, digit and thumb extension

January 2002 SALISBURY FES Newsletter


Everyone remembers playing hopscotch as kid, and while jumping on one foot may no longer be a possibility, the game goes on. Tabletop Hopscotch is a fun and easy game to play with seniors that is great for a wide spectrum of ability levels. It is...

Senior Activity: Tabletop Hopscotch Game


Expandable Door Hinge...instantly make a doorway wider to increase accessibility for wheelchairs, etc.

Expandable Door Hinge


Occupational Therapy handouts for adults and students--CVA, SI, FM, strengthening, transfers, and more.

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Fabric pine cones

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Fine motor skills activity. Lock and Key matching

Fine Motor Friday- Lock and Key - No Time For Flash Cards


Lock board

let's go fly a kite: Busy Hands: Fine Motor Lock Board