Lichen-covered tree limb Pinole Valley Park, Pinole, California by wolfpix

Little Cups Fungi on Tree

Woody Shelf fungi, wonderful decomposers recycling nutrients to the soil. This is a beautiful image.

Pixie-Cup Lichen

Pixie-Cup Lichen (Cladonia Fimbriata) ~ John W. Pixie-cup grows on moss and I am guessing the relationship here is with Chorisodontium aciphyllum?

mini landscape

A nice vase with stones, logs (pretty cut pieces of found sticks), moss, and maybe a small tropical plant.

Daedalea quercina (oak mazegill fungus)

"Daedalea quercina (oak mazegill fungus)" - grown on the sides of giant Hadar trees

"Lichen" - the true rock biters ~:^)>

This picture, named Strange orange growth ., was created by mellanieb for the lichen and moss photography contest.

Mycena, British Soldiers and Moss....all in a secret magical garden

Fairy Garden : Mycena, British Soldiers and Moss.all in a secret magical garden

Peltigera venosa Lichen and Moss ~ By Ken-ichi Ueda

libutron: “ Peltigera venosa by Ken-ichi Ueda Lichenized fungi Peltigera venosa. Rock City, California, US.

Herrania sp

An entry from Emilialua

Herrania sp, Sterculiaceae ~ the Wild Cocoa plant. It's a prime example of the botanical term 'Cauliflory', where the tree wastes no energy producing branches, but shoots the flowers out of its trunk.