So glad I found this! When my dad was going through cancer treatment one of the nurses gave me this quote on a necklace and I lost it! It's all true its on the wall of my oncologists office Tuchy Palmieri cancer survivor

Antioxidants vs sunscreen

Antioxidants Vs. Sunscreen: Which Works Better?

Antioxidants vs sunscreen: which works better. All those antioxidants and nutrient dense foods protect from inflammation (the real cause of sunburns).

Cancer-Fighting Foods

Cancer-Fighting Foods, Harness the power of food to heal your body. See the cancer-fighting foods at your supermarket that can help slow the growth of cancer and even prevent the onset in the beginning. health-and-healing ab-challenge

Feed your skin the power of antioxidants!

There are many reasons why you should consider trying green smoothie recipes with blueberries in them. For example, blueberries

Travis Hess is a man whose family has been ripped apart by cancer. He's lost countless family members to the disease, including his own daughter. Now, he's trying to make a difference for others in a similar position.

"I want to tell the whole world about these wonderful children." -- Travis Hess, triathlete and cancer survivor