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Inside an ordinary garage in a Lake County subdivision is an extraordinary workshop in which complete logs are metamorphosed into stunning pieces of furnishings that are as artistic as they are functional. Amongst the clutter of tools, tables and wood in...

Vikings inspired wood artist’s unique cradle

wikiHow to Collect Wood to Make a Walking Stick -- via

How to Collect Wood to Make a Walking Stick

Rustic Pottery

TW Workshop – Tracy Wilkinson

The secret of these DIY twig gnomes lies in how their pointy hats were carved! See how to make miniature gnomes out of twigs in this tutorial.

Twiggy Gnomes and Gardens

Walnut spoons by kebatronic.

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Liza Tobojka

Screech Owl, by wildlife artist and sculptor Earl Matz

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Girl Scout Friendship Stick Craft thumbnail

How to Carve Animals Out of Sticks | eHow

12 Ways To Add Texture With Tools You Already Have |

12 Ways To Add Texture With Tools You Already Have

Master Wood Carver Alexander Grabovetskiy ~ Flowers bouquet hand carved

Flowers bouquet hand carved

alisaburke: wood burned spoons

wood burned spoons

How To Carve A Heart in Pebbles, stone, sea glass and beach pottery by Eternal Tools. Take a Dremel rotary tool, a diamond core drill and a diamond burr and start creating shapes into your sea glass and pebbles.

How to Carve Hearts In Pebbles & Sea Glass

Hand Carved Wooden Spoons by Half Hitch Goods

Daily Find | The Kitchn

Ron Fleming | 'Flowering Grace' Cuban mahogany carved vessel

M. A. Doran Gallery - Ron Fleming - ArtistGeneral

maple burl wood spirit

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driftwood horse

The Driftwood King

Turning ~ this is evocative of the elements for me, flame shaped, made of earthy wood, hollowed to hold air and tear drop shaped cut outs to assimilate the water aspect. These are the things I have in my home that are evocative but do not make others uncomfortable.

Lone Spirit - Neil Turner

"Oceanis" by John McAbery Wood Sculptures

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tree stump carving

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Wooden Heart Wood Carving Art Personalized by TreeWizWoodCarvings, $385.00

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Hand made rocking chair, carved from one chunk of wood! AMAZING.

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Whimsical Moon Man Wood Carving

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wood carving

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Late 19th Century Cane Culture: Irish Medium: wood, metal The shillelagh is a traditional walking stick of Ireland, associated with folklore and given as a symbol of coming of age to young men. Also modified and used as a protective weapon, the shillelagh was carried by men to use against rival factions that might meet during public events. The thorny vines of this example are attractively interwoven around the gnarled shaft with a polished root handle.

Cane | Irish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Wood Creations Lathe Works