5 End Of Year Student Gift Ideas: Beach Ball Signatures- give each students a beach ball from the dollar store and a sharpie and let them have their friends sign it on the last day of school

A unique end of year writing activity to do with your students... students plan and write an award for a classmate, and then turn it into a kite! End of the Year awards!

This was a great idea for the end of the year. A different "fun" activity is inside each numbered balloon. We only counted down the last ten days. The students were so excited to see what each days balloon would bring.

This end of the year memory book for 5th graders is lots of fun! It's a great activity for the last week or two of school and will keep your kids happily working! The memory book is loaded with 25 pages of keepsake recording and some fun activities as well!(TpT Resource)

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