Bahahaha! (I feel like I might have pinned this already, but it's still funny)

Lego Star Wars…

LEGO Death Star and Alderaan - Funny LEGO Star Wars joke with Death Star and Alderaan being just a pile of LEGO blocks. That is so messed up lol!

Lego, WOW

This is incredible! Cathedral of Cologne. Lego people have been busy! - Wow, fickin heck thats awesome


Lego Barad-dûr- if they make a Lego set of this. I will make it.

LEGO  Doctor Who.....I want one

It's a lego Doctor. it's a lego TENTH Doctor. it's a lego David Tennant. So many levels of awesome. Give it to me. I suddenly feel the need to play with legos again.


this kid and his dad worked on this lego tower for months. as you can see, the kid was really proud of it. what a cool way to spend some time with your kid every night! it doesn't take much energy or thought, but it's an awesome bonding experience.


Lego Helm's Deep

Battle of Helm's Deep Lego style - Builder GOEL KIM has constructed the battle of Helm's Deep in his garage, and it’s massive. It already has minifigs and it’s only done. That’s a whole lot of orcs and elves.