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Already, almost a billion of us go to bed hungry every night. Not because there isn't enough. But because of the deep injustice in the way the system works. And because too many of the ways we grow today are using up and destroying the natural resources on which we all rely. It's time to grow more food more fairly and more sustainably.
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840m people in the world are going hungry #hunger #poverty

The world produces enough food to feed everyone. So why do people go hungry?

7 foods with the hightest carbon emissions. #climatechange

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#Climatechange is a brutal reality confronting millions of the world’s most vulnerable people. Their need for financial support to adapt to climate extremes is urgent and rising. Rich governments must act now.

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Oxfam International

La #fame è un'#ingiustizia che si può sconfiggere.

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“Voices of #ElNiño from around the world” #toldwithexposure

Oxfam International - Voices of El Niño from around the world on Exposure


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We've joined #BertaCáceres' fight for justice & #humanrights, join us: #landrightsnow

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#Vattenfall's sale of #coal business in #Germany = betrayal of #climate #ParisAgreement

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Happy #IntlForestDay! What % of people in the world rely on #forests for their water supply?

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Economists have been looking at the relationship between #climatechange and economic activity for more than 20 years.

What are the economic consequences of climate change?

FAO #Hunger #Map 2015 - more at

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2015

Climate calls in 2016: 9 predictions for the new year (Pic: NOAA) via @ClimateHome

Climate calls in 2016: 9 predictions for the new year | Climate Home - climate change news

Why is 2015 so hot? A recent analysis by #ClimateCentral makes clear that virtually all of the #globalwarming — some 95% — is due to human activity. The rest is due to the small, short-term boost to global temperatures from our current #ElNiño, along with some other natural factors. #climatechange

NASA: 2015 Will Be ‘A Scorcher Relative To All Other Years’ On Record

Finance pledges at #COP21: Even w donor-driven counting, big gap to $100bn, just $5-8bn grants for #climate adaptation #climatechange - as of 5 Dec 2015

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Women #climate advocates standing in solidarity for 100% renewable. #COP21 #EarthtoParis

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Otherworldly images of the planet we're building emerging from the #flooding in #UK - urgent action needed by leaders at UN #Climate Talks #COP21

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Great cartoon from Dave Walker following our report showing the richest 10% produce 50% of all CO2 emissions #COP21 #climatechange #cartoon via Dave Walker (on twitter: davewalker)

Climate change cartoon

Each year #G20 governments spend 15x more on #fossilfuel subsidies than poor countries receive to help them adapt to #climatechange.

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#climatechange #COP21

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#INFOGRAPHIC The world's wealthiest 10% produces 49% of CO2 emissions, according to a study by @Oxfam

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What is #ElNiño & what effects are likely during the coming year? via @faonews #climate

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The UK will announced today that it is phasing out coal within 10 years. The UK government is showing the world what's possible by phasing out #climate-wrecking #coal power by 2025 #COP21

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#eyesonParis for a fair #climate deal at #COP21

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I have my #eyesonParis for a fair climate deal at #COP21. I'm going on a #TuktuktoParis to take climate action.

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