GROW: food. life. planet.

Already, almost a billion of us go to bed hungry every night. Not because there isn't enough. But because of the deep injustice in the way the system works. And because too many of the ways we grow today are using up and destroying the natural resources on which we all rely. It's time to grow more food more fairly and more sustainably.

GROW: food. life. planet.

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Report: Global food shortages will become 3x more likely due to #climatechange #ActOnClimate #climate

Report: Extreme Weather Puts Food, Civil Order at Risk

Sub-Saharan Govts must fulfil commitments to raise spending on #agriculture #WomenFoodClimate

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#Infographic | Why #LandRights Matter

Infographic | Why Land Rights Matter

#Infographic | Why #LandRights Matter

Infographic | Why Land Rights Matter

Every year around the globe 1.3B tons of food is lost or wasted: #foodwaste

Food loss and waste facts

Maps: What does your country think of #climate change?

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Powering up against poverty: New @Oxfam report shows immense benefits of #renewables

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4 critical ways oil, gas, and mining companies must support local community rights

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NGOs to @EU_Commission: Polluters should support #climateaction in vulnerable countries #GCF #climatechange - via @Oxfam_EU

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#Climate and weather-related disasters are becoming more and more common #climatechange #nomorecoal #fossilfuels

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Let's act on climate change: Join thousands in solidarity to speak up #fortheloveof. via Oxfam GB

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Anyone else get the feeling the world’s trying to send us a message? #nofutureincoal #g7 #climate #climatechange

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Fossil fuel companies get $10M in subsidies every minute. Tell #G7 leaders it's time for #ClimateAction

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#G7 #coal dependence set to cost $450 billion per year by end of the century @CarbonBrief on new #Oxfam report #climate #emissions #fossilfuels

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On #WorldEnvironmentDay help us consign coal pollution to the history books! Sign our petition #climate #climatechange

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We need action on #climate, not #lameexcuses: No ifs, no buts, it's time to clean up our act! #GROW #climatechange

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Measuring impact: results of a land rights evaluation in Cambodia #Oxfam #landrights

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#Beans: magical in more ways than one! #drought #CAdrought #vegan #TruthOrDrought @Oxfam

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As extreme weather starts to bite, the forecast is more hunger. Tell Australia's Prime Minister to act on #climate:

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The world is questioning Australia’s ambition on #climate action. Want answers too? Ask the PM

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What a transition to 100% #renewables by 2050 might look like... #climatechange

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Shocking report: dams, power plants, conservation programs and other programs and projects sponsored by the World Bank Group have pushed at least 3.4 million people out of their homes and threatened their livelihoods.

How the World Bank broke its promise to protect the poor

Tipping point: We now add more GW of "clean energy" power capacity each year than fossil fuel #climate #climatechange #fossilfuels #renewables

Fossil Fuels Just Lost the Race Against Renewables

In February 2013, Oxfam launched 'Behind the Brands', a global campaign which aims to provide people with the information they need to hold the Big 10 food and beverage companies to account for what happens in their supply chains. In putting together a scorecard based entirely on publicly available information on company policies, we posed the question “what are they doing to clean up their #supplychains”? #csr

Behind the Brands: Two Years On

Hungry for a fair climate? Repin if you think #Australia should be aiming higher on #climate action.

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