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Scottish arm of Oxfam GB working to overcome poverty & suffering. Find us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ & MySpace.

Oxfam set out policy priorities, our supporters added their voices, and political parties listened http://www.oxfam.org.uk/scotland/blog/2016/04/manifesto-reaction #SP16

Change the World through the power of Cinema . Apply to be a @TakeOneAction #Volunteer before the 25th of April

Scotland shouldn’t live with poverty, here or anywhere. Read our priorities for the Scottish Parliament to help #EvenItUp http://oxf.am/Zn6u

Irvine charity shop duo celebrate three decades of dedication to Oxfam...

Jamie Livingstone, Head of Oxfam Scotland, writes in today's Scotsman about the need to challenge inequalities of power and the opportunities presented by the forthcoming Scottish Parliament election...

Globally, 1 in 9 people go hungry every day. Scotland must do more to help #EvenItUp http://oxf.am/Zn6u

1 in 5 people in Scotland live in #poverty. In our rich country, the Scottish Parliament must do all it can to help #EvenItUp http://oxf.am/Zn6u

Extreme economic inequality undermines fight to end #poverty. We think the Scottish Parliament can do more to help #EvenItUp http://oxf.am/Zn6u

Poverty & extreme economic inequality are not inevitable – where the Scottish Parliament has power to act, it should be bold #EvenItUp http://oxf.am/Zn6u

4 weeks, 8 regions, 200 people, 40 candidates. Our Candidate Cafe report http://oxf.am/Z73X & policy priorities http://oxf.am/ZmmX

We welcome new cash for global citizenship in Scotland. It's one of our 9 policy priorities http://oxf.am/ZmmX

2min #EvenItUp action; Be part of building a more equal Scotland in a more equal world. Write to party leaders today http://act.oxfam.org/great-britain/scotland-election-2016

5 years of broken promises and lives. No more. We're joining hands in Scotland #withSyria See new report 'Fuelling the Fire' at https://www.oxfam.org/en/research/fuelling-fire

60m people at risk of hunger. #ElNino & #ClimateChange fuelling droughts & crop failure. Act http://elninoofxam.org

Over 1600 people have told Scottish party leaders to help #EvenItUp to tackle poverty. Will you add your voice? https://act.oxfam.org/great-britain/scotland-election-2016

Our Jamie has an article in The Scotsman about Scotland's contribution to humanitarian work http://www.scotsman.com/news/jamie-livingstone-spectre-of-famine-stalking-ethiopia-again-1-4038285

We're featured in the Motherwell Times today ahead of our free Candidate Cafe event in #Motherwell next Mon 29 Feb http://www.motherwelltimes.co.uk/news/local-headlines/building-blocks-are-needed-to-fight-poverty-1-4037093

Article in The Scotsman about the importance of charity shops: 48 Oxfam Shops in Scotland raise £5 million for our work http://www.scotsman.com/giving-back/charities/charity-shops-a-vital-way-of-fundraising-for-good-causes-1-4033136

What matters to you in the #SP16 election? Come to our Candidate Cafes to meet local candidates & ask them questions https://act.oxfam.org/great-britain/candidate-cafes-in-scotland

Oxfam Candidate Cafes are planned all over Scotland, a chance to meet local #SP16 candidates https://act.oxfam.org/great-britain/candidate-cafes-in-scotland

Watch us demonstrate Scotland's building blocks to ending poverty #ScotParl last week &tell politicians to #EvenItUp https://youtu.be/LWOOsfd3cwM

We're nearly at 1200! Act now to tell Scottish politicians to #EvenItUp to help cut poverty https://act.oxfam.org/great-britain/scotland-election-2016

79% of Scots want a more equal spread of wealth. Do you? Watch & take action to help #EvenItUp to cut poverty https://youtu.be/seE8ftEEvFA

Scotland's building blocks to ending poverty - tell politicians to #EvenItUp & cut poverty...

79% of Scots want a more equal spread of wealth in our poll. Do you? Watch & take action to #EvenItUp & cut poverty https://youtu.be/seE8ftEEvFA