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Moms out there - frustrated with your mummy tummy that never seems to go away…

Diastasis Recti is a condition of the abdominal muscles that can occur after pregnancy. Find out how to know if you have it and what to do.

This is so sad, and touching. I just saw it and had to repin. A MUST SEE -- Your Suicide by ~linnyxito on deviantART:

This is beautiful. I'm in tears right now. There is always hope. Life gets better.>>>>> Everyone should read this. My friend was lost to this horrid fate so any of you people with a sliver of a heart repon this.

Yes, just yes. I've been looking for this forever.

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So this is creepy. Great story line if some one made it up!

this conversation scares me. I'm really scared now. but I want to prank my friend with it now:<<<Ahh, the infamous Is Typing Creepypasta.