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Lovely combination of black and brown accents and shoes. makes me wonder if he has a matching brown belt.

Walking around in style can give you the confidence to stop obsessing over a problem at hand and allow you to live stress free.

Classic, hip but simple. Joggers, Adidas shoes, Adidas shirt completes this hip cool street style look. I might actually like these joggers .

“Great streetwear inspiration by our friend @fson19 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow our Partner …”

Express who you are - Söner by Sweden // urban men // mens fashion // mens wear // mens watches // mens accessories // casual men // mens style

Saturday gent

I suppose I should mention that I wore a lot of hand-me-down clothing growing up. (It wasn’t that I didn’t love worn-in clothing, I just didn’t like that someone else wore it in). My aunt would com…

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