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Girls really worry about this. This happens with my favorite jacket all the time ugh if girls have to worry about boners guys should have to worry about periods. Who agrees? Okok<---hahaha but I have that problem with my jeans as well.

I thought the same thing

She schooled him like a boss. Also I forgot there was flip phones two. Although I shouldn't be talking, as I've ripped a DS in half.

A Woman Is Writing Feminist Messages On Period Pads And Posting Them... --- As always, don't read the comments. So over their heads.

:Imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods. Elonë, a young woman from Karlsruhe, Germany, is writing feminist messages on period pads and posting them up in public places around her city.

The difference between generations and "you're welcome" vs "No problem"

As a cashier myself, this is so true. I say no problem all the time, and no one else has a problem. You sound just as nice when you say "no problem" vs. "youre welcome" ; Agreed, I say "No problem" to people all the time.

Me when kili and fili died

I'm the girl unconscious) "I love you so much." his voice sounds so far away. "Open your eyes. Everything hurts, and I struggle to wake up. "Emma, please wake up.