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Strange Houses, Weird Houses, Unusual Houses & Homes from Around the World - design:related forums. Talk about trusting a tree.

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Body-painted performers depict Obama’s face _English_Xinhua

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Ithaa Undersea restaurant, Maldives ( Conrad Maldives Rangali Island ) Ithaa Undersea restaurant sits 16 feet below sea level at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, a hotel resort in Hilton's luxury

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Funny pictures about Brain winter hat. Oh, and cool pics about Brain winter hat. Also, Brain winter hat photos.

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This would be awesome suspended from the tree in place of a treehouse! Quoted from the official website: “It's a tent. it's a bouncy castle. it's a swing. it's a trampoline! Welcome to the wonderful world of Treepee! This looks so fun!

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Photo: Funny Tools Strange Inventions Fun-Pics, Funny-Tool Strange-Invention Pictures, Funny-Pictures, Comical-Images, All-World-Flags-Free-For-Web-Page.

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Get a Turtle Car funny picture from Cars. You can get dozens of other funny pictures from Cars. Here are some samples of funny words: turtle, car

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Unique Flame Tables with its elegant handcrafted design are set to give you warmth in the chilly winters

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Modern Toilet Restaurant Tapei Taiwan

Gross and Disturbing Restaurants and Eateries of Asia

The Modern Toilet Restaurants are a group of bathroom themed restaurants in China.

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See Through Canoe. View the world under the surface of the water in stunning reality with this beautiful see through kayak (also comes in a canoe version)! It’s also made out of the same stuff bullet proof glass is manufactured from, so it’s safe!

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Get duct taped to a wall. class loved it! Isaac was a good sport. Tried it June 2014

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[Image: Photo by Filip Dujardin, courtesy of the artist].Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin makes images of unexpected buildings – that is, he “combines photographs of parts of buildings int…