A tablespoon of Charlotte, a cup of Miranda, and whole lot of Samantha and Carrie. I'm the hopeless romantic who searches for that “crazy, stupid, love.” I am a proud addict of fashion, dancing, arts, traveling, food and let’s not forget – great wines...


The Buried Life = 4 guys on a mission to complete a list of things to do before you die and to help others go after their lists. We post things that inspire us. Coffee for your eyes. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE?

bigbigtruck: typethat: My favorite, hand-lettering by Jon Contino with my glasses off I read this as “A Good Beer Brightens A Dark World” and I was likeoh you have no idea how true this is (that said I love this)

Celebrate author A.A Milne's birthday on January with Winnie the Pooh Day. Winnie the Pooh (and all his friends) were created from stuffed animals that Milne's son, Christopher Robin Milne, had as a child. Take time to celebrate with your favorite friend.