Laundry room organization

Renovating a Historic Home in Mississippi

Once a tiny bedroom, the laundry room houses a touch of Tere's own history—her grandmother's washboards. The baskets are from Kmart and World Market. Love the baskets.

Laundry room.

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lavanderia organizada

Minha Casa Renovada: reforma completa da área de serviço em 15 dias

Organized cleaning cupboard - vacuum, cleaning supplies, ironing board, sweeping brush etc

Laundry Rooms

I like the boxed in component. would use this just inside the door of my new room. although my washer will not be a part of this, I love the idea of laundry baskets slid in, Ironing board on the wall and the drying rack above. Simple ideas and functional.

laundry room organization

Idea: Get rid of all the branded clutter by displaying everyday household items in clear canisters, mason jars, muslin pouches, etc. then label with shipping tags. So fresh and so clean.

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