Smates. Street art, mural, swimming dog.

4-Story Underwater Dog Mural by Street Artist Smates

Underwater Dog Mural by street artist Smates in Mechelen, Belgium

Street Art

Sherbrooke’s Fresco Murals Tour – first of its kind in Canada – is a unique attraction that transforms the downtown area in a magnificient open air museum. Discover Sherbrooke’s art, history and heritage from building to building.

Clever Art Inside Tree Holes

Funny pictures about Clever Art Inside Tree Holes. Oh, and cool pics about Clever Art Inside Tree Holes. Also, Clever Art Inside Tree Holes photos.

Street art: An artist’s depiction of the Royal Wedding on display in Sydney, Australia, as part of the VisitBritain tourism campaign.

Art Amazing Sidewalk Chalk Royal Wedding Pavement Art by British street artist Joe Hill art Chalk art

Street Art Wheel of Terror

StreetArt, Sidewalk Art - Pavement Drawing by Julian Beever, Chile - Ferris Wheel painted just in front of a park bench. looks like the rider is going for an "unpleasant ending to the ride!

Charlie Johnston painted The Spirit Farmer on a silo in Colquitt,

x acrylic on 4 concrete silos, Colquitt, Georgia USA. This portrayal of the ʻeverymanʼ farmer studying his crop literally towers over all. It is intended to function on many levels; as an expression of the work ethic and spirituality of those w

Fun inspiration for canvas. Klaus Klinger Germany. Vika

"Economic Miracle Mural" in Düsseldorf, Germany ~ designed by Klaus Klinger and Kübra Sirinyurt. The mural was painted in 2007 with local residents.

Masai    From our friends at Global Street Art

Lion street art urban spray art wall painting Beyond Banksy Project / Masai