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Kickstarter Cork Toss Game

Cork Toss is raising funds for Cork Toss on Kickstarter! What is Cork Toss? It’s the game for wine lovers. We’re bringing you a fun game using a stylish board, wine glasses, and corks.

Cereal Crazieness!  What  you need: Froot Loops or other loop cereal Pipe Cleaners  One kid from each team participates at a time. Each team member has 60 seconds to thread 30 fruit loops onto the pipe cleaner, using only one hand. Then using both hands, they tie the bracelets and put them on. Then they sit down, and the next team member goes. Don't forget to restart the timer when the team member finishes!

Froot Loops Bedazzled Bracelet String Froot Loops on colorful pipe cleaners, twist the ends and your kids can show off their colorful style!