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100.11k Pins

Fuller Cheesy Puffs snacks

Kodiak Cakes

Element Brand Snacks Dark Chocolate Rice

Perfectly done branding, packaging, and styling. Meu Pincel Xodó • N°21 make up brushes by Carmelita Design, Lucianne Loureiro Weigert

Lumojo Honey via Minimalissimo by Alt Group curated by Packaging Diva PD. each element has been thoroughly and thoughtfully considered, typography, precise labelling, and packaging details, are inspired by the hexagonal shape of the honey panels.

L'apothicaire de Aureum / cosmetics by Mei Tan

Branding, graphic design and packaging for bakery on Behance by Elinor Weiss, Tel Aviv, Israel curated by Packaging Diva PD. The cutest little bakery icons. Look at the pretzel : )

Branding and packaging design for Joe Delucci's gelateria via AESOP curated by Packaging Diva PD. Unique character of each flavour is brought to life through playful on-pack copy (including cheeky discoverables e.g. ‘cure for brain freeze’), individual typefaces and fun imagery.

Packaging design inspiration for Nothing Less Than: 100% Fruit Packaging Design by MAISON D'IDÉE curated by Packaging Diva PD. Let's have some juice for the packaging smile file : )

Fruit + juice glass = Fresh juice packaging - design by Backbone Branding (Armenia) -

PizzaExpress - At Home - Packaging of the World - Creative Package Design Gallery -

Bonnie & Clyde ‪Gin‬ ‎Packaging‬ ‎Design‬ by Pearly Yon (‪South Africa‬) -

Nam Kỳ Roastery Coffee Packaging Design Concept by Gongvo Creative (Vietnam) -

Petal Multi-Use Oil. Something that fits my brand 😊 a multi use oil that, when paired with intentions can be MA.GI.CAL. Need my site listed. Brochure/Document packaging - cool idea

Transparent Labels on Behance. Love these packaging labels by Mihaly Molnar Megyeri New York, NY. PD

Best non-dairy milk I've ever tasted, hands down: Vanilla almondmilk from Califia Farms

Amala packaging :: designed by Liska + Associates :: beautiful product shot

Bonnie & Clyde / Gin by Pearly Yon

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Beautiful bottle and gorgeous type. @ThomackDesigns... because of the design... not the gin... ;)