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World War I

Classroom activities to be used for lessons focused on World War I for Middle School Social Studies classes. #World War I
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Lesson on PBS - terrific resourse. Students will learn the main causes of WWI, factors of the war's stalemate, and understand the continuation of WWI's long duration. Goals of this lesson are to have students investigate, descirbe, and assess - working in the higher domains of learning.


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Analysis of War War I Poster: Collectively have students analyze the content of this poster. Discuss what their personal contributions would be if we were at War, what could they give up? Have students create their own war time poster considering that the audience is children their own age.


Posters/Graphics - WWI USA Homefront & Loans

Four Corners Activity Students will complete a reading as assigned by the faculty on the major topics of World War I. Students will then move to each of the four corners of the classroom to answer the questions posted using a post it note. Each student must initial on each post-it note – faculty use this information as a means to assess knowledge gained from this after-reading-activity.


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Utilize the following link as a resource. Students will comple the Document Analysis Worksheet attached to this lesson plan on the national archives page. The class will discuss the significance of studying hisotry from primary resources.

The Zimmermann Telegram

Distribute a blank map of Europe and Africa from 1914. Have students fill in as many countries as they can-students will notice that there are countries on this map that no longer exist. Assist students in filling in the remainder of the map, providing them with information about the military competition that was going on in Europe Students, at the end of the exercise, will be able to describe the series of military alliances that had arisen by 1914.

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