I see this and it gives me more motivation than every seeing any of those skinny women with chiseled abs, goal set!!!

Sexy girls with Curves. Curvy girls rock this world. Beautiful women with sexy curves. Hot girls with curves. Girls with curves are more sexy.

the wolf of wall street | possibly a long, distracting, subtle critique of american consumerism

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Some of us are naturally built a little thicker; even after eating lean and training mean. whats the problem with that?!

So tired of hearing about girls aiming for a thigh gap and skinny legs. Look at this athlete - what an ass! And no thigh gap :)

Kawasaki Ninja

"Ok, this is sweet, now I need to get one and have a friend ride one painted with a Japanese WWII paint job. It's a Jap bike.