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Wouldnt wear the floral dress though. Didnt like the floral print then still dont like it now. But i must admit I love a good flannel and where can I get my hands on that cobain shirt?

Okay there it is. I believe that is my natural hair color. Long time no see! I want it back.

cher horowitz // clueless // fuzzy crop top // as if // fashion icon // style idol // iconic women // //


Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy in Marc Jacobs grunge collection for Vogue Magazine by Steven Meisel

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Inspiration by Bloom Sara. Drew Barrymore from Nov 2008 POP Magazine animal issue.

90s grunge in a long flannel skirt

grunge long flannel skirt, black lace top and boots. I would totally rock this!

90s Drew Barrymore

if i were ever to die my hair a color it would be a light bubblegum pink. just a little lighter than this. and it would be messy like drew's. LOVE U DREW BARRYMORE, PINK, PINK, PINK