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Having a Vulcan boyfriend #startrek Dating is Hard Nowadays, Let These Web Comics Caress Your Tender Heart

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Only the best kids show ever.

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This is so accurate.

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In 50 years this is what we will all be like

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The Real Cost Of Healthcare In The US

16 Comics That Socially Nervous People Understand...Hmm quite a few of these are very familiar.

16 Comics That Socially Nervous People Understand
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That Sinking Feeling

This is me

B. Does Baltimore: There's Always a Downside...

25 Cute Hip Hop Gifts That True Fans Need In Their Lives

It's sad how accurate this is

It’s All About Priorities


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Can We Just Take a Moment to Appreciate the Mugshots from the 20s? It's like a magazine photo shoot.

Police mugshots in the 1920s…

This is the only gift I will give at baby showers from now on!

Grosgrain: Trending 4


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This is the neatest idea! DIY Reusable Lid

Top 50+ Pinterest DIY Crafts

I love this quote

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Paige Goss

Amazing... and frightening.

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my poor husband

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Dandelion on fire. Bucket list for this summer... It burns all different colors! :)

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