Book 4.

This Travis Banton gown was worn by Chinese-American actress Anna May Wong for her role of Tu Tuan in the 1934 film "Limehouse Blues".

Draw Aedion's tat only if you're drawing him after the point he got it tho

Feyre is brownish blonde, but she is a blonde. A tool is not a villain, and as far as I have seen, Tamlin has never been painted as a villain. Just a tool. There is a difference. He is the most hated character, but that does not make him a villain.

A Court of Pain and Feels - Update

Read Update from the story A Court of Pain and Feels by Aelin_Galathynius_ (Aelin of the Wildfire) with reads.

Alternative Tower of Dawn cover #throneofglass #chaol #yass #towerofdawn #altcover

Alternative Tower of Dawn cover #throneofglass #chaol #yass #towerofdawn #altcover

TOWER OF DAWN: Told from the perspective of Chaol Westfall and Nesyrn and few others. TOGS EOS by Sarah J Maas Out September 11 if I'm correct?... READY BABY

UK Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass spin-off) by Sarah J.

I feel like Rowan MIGHT say I'm sorry and Aelin will just stare at him and laugh. Like "You expected me to say I'm sorry?