use pennies, spray paint silver- perhaps

I love this but wouldnt use real coins bc it would be illegal.I would use fake coins or buttons abd display this in my bedroom in my "Dream Home" .diy wall decor -- coins on painted wooden letters


one day someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together. its true******he did and I love you so much DB!

love this pose

Sweet and simple but really gorgeous - the type of photo daddy would want framed on his desk at baby Newborn baby

Divine Love

Daddy's love is liken unto God's love.I was never blessed to have a daddy .I pray all the daddy's in the world would realize what a blessing it is to be a daddy.


dog and baby. Dogs are very aware of babies and young children. Will allow them to do anything to them, pulling their ears, tails, etc. Dogs know they are to protect the babies and children!

2014 :-)

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Christmas in Florida

Christmas in Florida

Awe Brotherly Love

Awe Brotherly Love

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