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nursing love

nursing love

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I hope to be able to wear this one day.

Nurses Rock | Teespring

Nurses Monogram Sweatshirts with stethoscope by dicorembroidery

Boom...others will never know the joy!

Nursing4n00b’s how-to guide for making your own Professional Portfolio For a lot of nursing students, interview season is just around ...


16 Doctors On The Dumbest Patients They Have Ever Treated

cardiac coloring page.

Decorating Ideas for the Home

5 things that lead to nurse burn-out

5 things that lead to nurse burnout…and how to cope

Laboratory values and interpretations

EMS humor

#Nurses this is why it's worth it!

Nick Glover on Twitter

Nurse humor.

labeled chest x ray - Google Search

Anatomy and Radiology

labeled lateral chest x ray - Google Search

Electrolytes - name, values, why wee need them, and where they are found. copyright ATI

Drug Tip #70 Electrolyte Replacements - 1.24.12

cbc chart

I get asked to describe ABG analysis regularly at work, this would be a great handout.

Allen Test: "Hold patient's hand with palm up. Have patient clench and unclench hand while occluding radial and ulnar arteries. The hand will become pale. Lower the hand and have patient relax the hand. While continuing to hold radial artery, release pressure on ulnar artery. Brisk return of color (5 to 7 seconds) demonstrates adequate ulnar blood flow. If pallor persists for more than 15 seconds, ulnar flow is inadequate and radial artery cannulation should not be attempted." - Jarvis


I remember this from nursing school! I loved diagrams like this.

Night shift

Every F***ing time

Night shift

Funny but true

What does the job market look like for RNs who are looking to advance their careers?

INFOGRAPHIC: Career Paths for RNs - Nurseslabs