Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies. So awesome! ZTA!

THEM: Pink Chocolate Chip Cookies. So awesome! Need to remember this for Valentine's Day ME: They became quite difficult to stir by the time I added chips, but they looked perfect!

Bows before Bros. Rosie and I've been talking about this for a couple of years- why it's important to put your girlfriends first when you become interested in boys. - It's me, debcb!

strawberry pillow #ZTA great gift for a little!

I am not sew crafty but these strawberry cushions would be great for a little girl's room!

This would be so cute for White Violet Semi Formal

I wish we had a Zeta Tau Alpha White Violet Ball instead of ZTA Formal.

Sorority Letter Craft.

ZTA or Zeta Tau Alpha greek letters on canvas. Paint the canvases and apply HTV letters.So cute!