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Headache & Migraine

This board features news, information and resources related to headaches, migraines and pain management.

Headache & Migraine

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Medication Overuse Headache: When the Cure is the Cause of the Pain

Some Thoughts Regarding the New Evidence-based Guidelines for Prevention of Episodic Migraine

Headache: Everything You Need To Know

  • Wendy Gullish
    Wendy Gullish

    Everyday of my life for 5 years.

Migraine: Causes & Treatment

Migraine: Causes & Treatment

13 Surprising Ways to Fight Headache Pain! More than 47 million Americans have experienced a severe or debilitating headache in the past three months. Migraines alone affect 9% of the U.S. population and costs $1 billion a year in direct medical expenses.

Botox Modestly Improves Chronic Headaches, Migraines

New Evidence-based Guidelines for Migraine Prevention

New Evidence-based Guidelines for Migraine Prevention

Vintage headache medicine ad.

Studies Demonstrate MAP0004 for the Acute Treatment of Migraine is Safe and Well Tolerated, and Is Associated with Lower Recurrence Rates

Ocular Migraines (Ophthalmic or Eye Migraines)

Ocular Migraines Explained -

Migraine Patients & Health Care Reform: How Are You Affected?

Migraine Patients & Health Care Reform: How Are You Affected?

Looking at the Big Picture of Opioid Treatment for Migraine -- Opioid analgesics are commonly prescribed for patients suffering with migraine, despite concerns over the risk of addiction, dependence, medication-overuse headache, and other factors.

Hormonal changes may trigger migraines in some women

Migraine-Proof Your Home

Migraine-Proof Your Home

Severe headaches may be linked to an increased risk of suicide attempt

Chronic Migraine Sufferer Gets a Wedding Do-Over

Link found between migraines and heart condition

Link found between migraines and heart condition
  • Tiffany Henson
    Tiffany Henson

    I had a large ASD. Since the repair I don't have the frequent migraines but they have definitely become less frequent

Patient Voices: Migraine Almost 30 million Americans suffer from migraines, severe, recurring headaches that may occur along with symptoms of nausea, light sensitivity or weakness. Women are three times more likely than men to have this type of headache, and treatment for migraines varies widely -- from traditional pain medications to preventative drugs to alternative remedies and exercise. Here, six men and women speak about the up’s and down’s of living with migraines. (

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Children With ADHD More Likely to Be Moderately Disabled After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury - Pinned by @PediaStaff – Please Visit for all our pediatric therapy pins

FDA Considers Moving Migraine Medications to OTC Status

It is estimated that nearly one out of hundred people suffer from migraine which is of two types. The first type is the common migraine where the person suffering from migraine will not encounter any auras which mean that there will be no flashes of light when they develop the pain of migraine. The other type is the migraine which is combined with auras that is the person has visions about flashes of light and may also see zigzag lines or blind spots in their visions...

Migraine Symptoms - All about Migraines

Link between migraine and restless legs

Seasonal Allergies and Headaches: What’s the Connection?

Are Springtime Sniffles Giving You a Headache?

Migraines trigger depression? Study of women finds a connection

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