Kirstin Rigby
Kirstin Rigby
Kirstin Rigby

Kirstin Rigby

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Artist & Art Teacher Pre K-8

A Birthday Cake That Looks Like a Real Paint Roller!... This website is the Pinterest of birthday cake ideas

Cute Bachelorette party gift idea! Love the clever wrapping! Ha ha too funny

Sugar skull makeup and then some... haha this is a theme i could go nuts with.

GLOW IN THE DARK MIXED DRINKS By combing tonic water with some pink-lemonade (from concentrate) and adding a splash of alcohol you can create a tasty beverage that actually glows in the dark.

Jasper Johns (1930-present) periods: mixed media, modern art, pop art, neo-dada, abstract impressionism medium: printmaking, painting

A plate for throwing in arguments by Keaton Henson.

Love is sharing your red & pink starburst! Where my middle son does this for me, because he knows the red ones are my favorite, my heart skips a beat and I feel so fulfilled as a mom.