mosaic heart by Susan Crocenzi. I love the vibrant colors, and I so love mosaics!

Basket weaving by Tim Johnson .... Inspiring for Bridgid's Cross

Tim Johnson - Basketmaking - Star Making at Salt Festival, Catalunya, Spain, 2011 -- these are really pretty (link is just to pictures, not a tutorial)

Sticks and paint or yarn wrapped around = stick art!

DIY Colored Sticks - Ginette Lapalme has created beautiful DIY colored sticks by painting driftwood. This piece of art could be turned into a craft for kids that could .

Recycle those Mardi Gras beads - brilliant!

Recycle those Mardi Gras beads! Original wall art Spring flower, pink and yellow, blue, whimsical Mardi Gras bead mosaic, collage.