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Paisley Miller

I'm a high school English and yearbook teacher. Sometimes I teach history and humanities too. You can tell what I love by what I pin.
Paisley Miller
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Paul Newman, 1957 He’s definitely wearing a US Navy flyers jacket. Although he flew TBM’s during as a radiomen/tail gunner, I’m not sure if it’s his since enlisted personnel typically didn’t rate Either way the photo is awesome.

@Lauren Campbell-Bray o SOO fitting after this morning's war over childhood obesity, which is apparently caused by a pregnant woman eating ONE single slice of coffee cake while simultaneously enjoying a decaf mocha.

DIY money balloons as gifts: We make it so easy for people when we just hand them gift money in a card... Don't you think they should work for it a little more? The enjoyment of trapping money inside a balloon full of confetti will never get old. It's fun

(Warner It's a fairy tale - Master showman writer/director Baz Luhrmann is nothing if not bold, and his vision of roaring New York City is simply spectacular. Beginning by framing t...

Hollywood's hottest actors strut their stuff on the red carpet in designer duds, flaunting their million dollar smiles -- and we're fans, we really are -...