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Turning the arrow experiment! This is so cool! I did it with my class today, an they loved it just as much as I did! The title of our Science Experiment was Magic Water! Draw an arrow place the paper behind a glass then fill the glass with water and watch the arrow change directions! We talked about how water bends light etc!


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Forms of Energy PowerPoint and Notes

Forms of Energy PowerPoint and Notes

The Science Penguin: Science Penguin's Science Plans {week 8}

The Science Penguin: Light {After School Science Tutoring}

from PLANET GARDEN: Eco-Friendly Resource Guide

Victory Garden Cookbook

Make a solar oven with a recycled pizza box lined with aluminum foil. You can also do it with a Styrofoam sandwich box. Great for your energy unit!

Victory Garden Cookbook

Forms of Energy Task Cards

BOAST: Hands-on Science Lessons: Testing Heat and Temperature