Patty Jenkins

Patty Jenkins

I am always looking for unique and creative ideas to share. Love home decorating, fashion, cooking, and crafty stuff! Looking forward to this new world of Pin
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Cauliflower Broccoli Bacon Tomato Corn Salad Recipe. This would be good with the 7 layer dressing & more bacon. 4 slices?! That's it?? HA!

DIY Ideas Using Old Windows Some people never have enough windows in their home, so they go out and buy old windows to bring inside there home. And while they are finding great repurposed windows, they are also decorating their homes with found windows so that the windows take on a new life and some …

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Learning how to sew a perfect (scant) 1/4" seam is vital to making your quilts turn out the way the pattern says they will.

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Lava Flow Cocktail Recipe ~ Malibu coconut rum, cream of coconut, light (white) rum, frozen strawberries, pineapple juice, a fresh pineapple (optional for garnish), and some ice.