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My Home

Photos in and around my house at Moss Mountain Farm. Visit for more photos, recipes, and tips.

My Home

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Aromatique candles

P. Allen Smith - Timeline Photos

I enjoy creating Crescent Garden container gardens and placing them in unexpected places.

P. Allen Smith - Timeline Photos

rustic-looking living space with pine-rimmed mirrors, a distressed wood mantle, two red planters, a roaring fire, a wall sculpture farming tools, patterned chairs, a zinc-top coffee-table, neutral couch and sisal rug

Living Rooms | Living Spaces

Aren't these blooms stunning? I fertilize with Jobe's Organics and provide a little TLC. Share the bounty.

P. Allen Smith - Timeline Photos

Just when I thought I had to wait until spring for the sweet fragrance of fresh hydrangea... #aromatique #pallensharethebounty #arwomenbloggers

P. Allen Smith - Google+ New addition to the farm!

P. Allen Smith - Google+
  • debra bell
    debra bell

    Hello Reggie!

It's the holidays at the Garden Home Retreat.

  • Suzanne S
    Suzanne S

    Decorating with stuffed dead swans? Reminds me more of Halloween!

  • Pamela Ellis Hall
    Pamela Ellis Hall

    Beautiful !!

Visit Moss Mountain Farm

Visit - The Garden Home Retreat - P. Allen Smith Garden Home

Many thanks to writer Steve Bender and photographer Roger Foley for the beautiful article in the recent issue of Southern Living magazine. I picked up a copy in the airport and read the article on the plane. You two sure know how to make a guy look good! www.pallensmith.c...

An outtake at Moss Mountain Farm from the Southern Living photo shoot for the July issue! You can read the article here:

  • Kristine Britcher
    Kristine Britcher

    Goodness! Refreshingly beautiful photo. Makes me want to go right there...

Summer accessories from Paul Michael round 2...

Summer style inspiration. You know you have to have an adirondack chair to kick back in! Here's my The Paul Michael Company style picks! www.pallensmith.c...

  • Catherine Fox
    Catherine Fox

    Very awe inspiring! Just a beautiful, very neat "farm" that I hope to personally visit some day.

The cottage at the farm was mentioned in the Huff Post article " 8 Dream Homes That Aren't McMansions." Neat! The cottage combines green construction principles with a historically-aware design that references a 19th-century Southern farmhouse.

8 Dream Homes That Aren't McMansions

    I'd change the color of the roof but I love it!

  • Tina Johnson Smith
    Tina Johnson Smith

    I LOVE the red roof!!!!!♡

  • Rachel

    Love the roof!

  • Janie Collins
    Janie Collins

    me too...

WATCH: Tour the Garden Home at Moss Mountain Farm

My friend, designer Tobi Fairley, is having a great sale today. I used these plates in my home! Here's a link to a video about how to use them:

Decorative Plates, Set of 14

A tour of P. Allen Smith's Garden Home.

  • Bullseye on Canvas
    Bullseye on Canvas

    I almost fell off my chair. This is out of this world!!! You sure do have a beautiful gift. I'd love to send you a piece of art (one of mine from my collection) to hang in your home!

  • James Sumpter
    James Sumpter

    What a stunning video! It captures so much of the spirit that makes the Farm special. Still, nothing replaces a visit!!!

Garden Home Style Fall 2013. Autumn decor.

P. Allen Smith Online Publications

Handy organizer from Paul Michael Company.

Pop of color from Paul Michael Company.

How to Furnish an Attic Bedroom | At Home With P. Allen Smith

  • dee GLISPEY
    dee GLISPEY

    love your shows. keep it up.

How to Furnish a Children's Bedroom | At Home With P. Allen Smith

Summer Kitchen | At Home With P. Allen Smith

My Garden Home

P. Allen Smith's Garden Home | P. Allen Smith