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    Palliative Care

    Palliative Care

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    The Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC) just published it's 2015 report card and rated each state on the availability of Palliative Care. My state earned a "C." Overall, nationally, we continue to grow inpatient palliative care but outpatient palliative care, where it's needed most, is barely getting a foothold. The report is full of interesting data and recommendations.

    Palliative Care, Report Card

    The I.C.U. Is Not a Pause Button - The New York Times If you want to know what it's like for elderly patients with little hope of meaningful recovery to spend their last days in intensive care, just ask an ICU nurse.

    The I.C.U. Is Not a Pause Button

    Suspicions about end-of-life options remain strong among many African-Americans. Some doctors and clergy members are going to church to reshape views.

    A Racial Gap in Attitudes Toward Hospice Care

    An intensive care physician in Australia describes the challenge of getting good palliative care for his father at end of life. Does this happen at your hospital? Note that the photo is mis-captioned -- the story does NOT have to do with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

    Give death its due in a system focused on life

    It's important for those of us in health care to know what we can and can't disclose and to whom--- "Hipaa’s Use as Code of Silence Often Misinterprets the Law - The New York Times"

    Hipaa’s Use as Code of Silence Often Misinterprets the Law

    Great video on "empathy." I love the statement and supportive examples -- "empathic statements rarely begin with 'At least...'

    The Power of Empathy

    My Mother, Lost and Found - The New York Times Another adult child helps us understand how dementia impacts both patient and family.

    My Mother, Lost and Found

    Birthday Candles on Her Deathbed - The New York Times This touching story reminds us that dying is a journey for loved ones, not just the person leaving us. The story is also a tribute to the wonderful work done in hospice inpatient units.

    Birthday Candles on Her Deathbed

    The Homebound Elderly -- a group in need of community palliative care. Almost two million Americans over age 65 rarely or never leave their homes. They are more likely to be minority women, and in poor health.

    At Home, Many Seniors Are Imprisoned by Their Independence

    81 y/o Vet calls 911 because he's hungry. How sad -- he probably has access to expensive cancer care, but can't get food.

    81-year-old veteran calls 911 because he's hungry, dispatcher delivers groceries

    Top 10 Things to Know About Palliative Care will help you or your loved one get through health care challenges.

    Top 10 Things to Know About Palliative Care - The Silver Pen

    Good quote on life's priorities!

    My Favorite Quotes #11 - My Honeys Place

    Advance CPR decision making - overview video on Vimeo. This is an Australian video by clinicians and for clinicians. I keep waiting for the perfect video for patients/families. Volande's group is getting there.

    Advance CPR decision making - overview video

    In much of the world, the palliative care "tool-kit" doesn't even include a bed, let alone morphine.

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    In much of the world, the palliative care "tool-kit" doesn't even include a bed, let alone morphine.

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    Where / how most people would want to die.

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    Levels of palliative care -- with the shortage of certified palliative care providers, the challenge is to train/excite non-certified providers to offer high quality basic palliative care.

    Irish Hospice Foundation

    palliative care - Google Search

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    Light beyond the door -- Harvard Health Blog advocates for palliative care in cancer

    As cancer death approaches, palliative care may improve quality of life - Harvard Health Blog

    Kudos to the American Cancer Society and their ongoing support for palliative care.

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    Overruling My Father - End of life decision-making is never easy. Is it ever right to overrule the stated goals/wishes of a patient? This piece generated a ton of comments. I remain reeling as my ethics training and personal experience fight this one out.

    Overruling My Father

    Rx: The Quiet Revolution | Watch Online | PBS Video -- Interesting AMA sponsored documentary provides examples of patient/family centered medicine across the US. Emphasizes provider/patient relationships and community involvement -- what palliative care is all about.

    Rx: The Quiet Revolution | Watch Online

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    Live Life Happy

    Verghese: Patients Have Two Hearts...... Dr. Verghese opens the American College of Cardiology Conference with an impassioned plea to hold on to the heart and soul of medicine. He acknowledges the challenge of the electronic medical record which, designed to achieve accurate billing, does little to improve patient care and consumes a tremendous amount of provider time.

    Verghese: Patients Have Two Hearts

    Their Dying Wishes - This New York Times blog piece is a great tribute to hospice volunteers everywhere.

    Their Dying Wishes