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7 powerful photographs of terminally ill patients living out their final wishes

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Zen and the Art of Dying Well

Death Cafes: a new thing to get people talking about the taboo topic of death, dying, and how they want it all to go down --People chatting about dying at the pop-up death cafe at Lovecrumbs in Edinburgh. Photograph: Murdo Macleod for the Guardian

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What on earth is a death cafe?

What do you think about the use of Nurse Practitioners vs MDs? We use NPs and PAs as complements to our MDs and DOs here...

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How do people with dementia die?

Doctors Die, DNR

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How Doctors Die

How to Talk End-of-Life Care with a Dying Patient - Atul Gawande - YouTube

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How to Talk End-of-Life Care with a Dying Patient - Atul Gawande

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A doctor discovers an important question patients should be asked

Some day, we will all die, Snoopy! True. But on all the other days, we will not.

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The Living Room ----- Great podcast . If you start it, keep listening. You'll be surprised where this goes and will understand why I posted it here.

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The Living Room | Love + Radio | Listen with headphones on

Great 20 minute video looking at the caregiving experience of 4 different families at end of life. Congrats to Northeast Ohio Medical Univeristy Palliative Care and the student who started the project.

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Zumi - The Palliative Pig. Taking animal therapy to new heights.

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One way that doctors stand out from the general population is in advance planning for the end of life, something that is gradually finding acceptance.

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How Doctors Die: Showing Others the Way

Palliative Care Loses a Pioneer -- Dr. J. Andrew Billings, 69, who died Sept. 6, was a pioneering physician who was a founding member of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine, founding director of the Palliative Care Service at Massachusetts General Hospital, and cofounder of Harvard Medical School’s Center for Palliative Care.

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Dr. J. Andrew Billings, 69; pioneering physician helped found palliative care centers at MGH, Harvard Medical School - The Boston Globe

Forget the anti-dementia drugs -- it appears we need a healthy sex life!

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Sex on the brain! Associations between sexual activity and cognitive function in older age

What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team - The New York Times

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What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team

Lengthy Hospice Care Boosts Medicare Bills

I'll Have What She's Having: Goldilocks and the Hospice Benefit

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I'll Have What She's Having: Goldilocks and the Hospice Benefit

Too Many Residents Die In Pain, JAMDA Editor Argues

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Too Many Residents Die In Pain, JAMDA Editor Argues

Physicians are now insulated from knowing too much about their patients.

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In America, the art of doctoring is dying

Martha-Presley --- An MD/JD in palliative care. Saw this in the Vanderbilt Law dual degree catalogue. It's nice to see that over-achievers are picking the right medical specialty!

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A Foot in Both Camps: J.D./M.D.’s Work at the Intersection of Medicine, Public Policy and Ethics | News | Law School

Dartmouth Atlas Shows Large Regional Disparities in EOL Care ~ Pallimed

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Arranging for hospice care in assisted living facilities can present challenges.

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Assisted Living vs. Hospice: Who's in Charge?

What Luck Means Now - The New York Times

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What Luck Means Now

Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me - The New York Times


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Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me

Thumbnail of End of Life: Helping With Comfort and Care

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