Diy greenhouses

How To Build Cold Frames From Recycled Windows. About to have a bunch of 1938 cottage windows replaced on my house. Lots of plans for the old windows!

Pallet Gardening: Pallets can be recycled and used in a whole new way. Simply find a place to put a pallet and fill it with potting soil. Use the wood openings to plant in. You can grow your salad greens in a small amount of space, and it is a good way to recycle old pallets.

(herb garden idea) Got Pallets? Don't feel like turning up a bunch of grass? Use a pallet as a garden bed - staple garden cloth on the backside of the pallet fill with dirt and start growing! Courtesy of: Backyard Diva

Pallet Vertical Planter, Pallet Garden - love this! I could hang it on the fence outside or set it up out front to block the ugly fence to the north

pallet Pallet herbs planters in vertical garden urban planter 2 flowers 2 with pallet planter pallet herbs- in the garden! - Love Home Decor

Gardens for Small Spaces

wine boxes - free at any local liquor store.such a great idea for a raised garden!SO many other great ideas for the home with wine boxes!

Sunset's Guide on How to Dry Herbs

How to Store and Preserve Herbs

Got a bounty of basil? Here’s how to make the most of your favorite aromatic seasonings

Great raised garden idea...and the covers will keep critters out!

Could this work for deer-proof flowers? Raised garden bed- convertible to cold frame or woodchuck fencing

Gardening Guide for Beginners from

Gardening Guide for Beginners

"Lasagna" gardening (layering newspaper, green stuff, peat, mulch, organic hay) may overcome poor soil issues

DIY: How to go from a scraggly lawn to a golf course lawn in one season.

Lawn Care: How to Repair a Lawn

How to get your brown/scraggly lawn into golf course style lawn in 1 season. Crazy awesome article on lawncare! I'm no longer intimidated by when and how much to fertilize and treat the lawn!

raised garden beds--love the timber. Could you stain it?

Raised Timber Beds with cobble paving for a kitchen garden / potager (photo by Rowan design ideas garden design