wind chimes

wind chimes made from kid's toy xylophone. i wish i knew a kid with an old school xylophone they'd be wiling to part with.

Key wind chimes

iseeamoose creations: Custom Made One of a Kind Pieces. Jewlery, Magnetic Boards, Pop-top Magnets, Windchimes, Trays and more. Would be a great windchime!

Retro heart shaped Windchime

Azure Love - Retro heart-shaped dish upcycled into a Windchime

Azure Love - Retro heartshaped dish upcycled into a wind chime. I really love colored glass and wind chimes.

spooky windchimes

Skeleton Leaf - Gothic Mobiles Each mobile comprises a black mulberry paper parasol from which hang different combinations of mulberry paper bats, witches, hearts and stars.

Green Tiara Windchimes

Spruce Tiara Glass Saucer Windchime

I love all the chimes in this person's shop, but especially this one. #glass #iridescent #decor #chime #chimes #windchimes #decor #garden

Carnival Glass Dish Windchime with Aqua and Iridescent Stained Glass Chimes

The focal point of this windchime is a highly iridescent antique carnival glass dish. The colors in the dish are simply amazing. Overall, the chime is

Wind chimes

another variation on the silverware wind chime idea. I love wind chimes. Remember the amazing wind chimes in the movie Twister?

shell windchime

Shells Source DIY oyster shell centerpiece DIY Sea Shell Wind Chimes DIY Christmas at the beach wreath Source Seashell Wreath Etsy Sea glass mobiles Source